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Treating Binge Eating Disorder

A patient coping with trauma troubles in therapy used excessive eating to cure the signs or symptoms of depression and nervousness. As work in therapy continued, it was learned that this affected individual began psychologically eating simultaneously the misuse occurred. Being a child food products were administered by the woman parents, for example cereals with sugar. She had been only granted such cereals 1 day out of the week. Consequently, the daily allowance of cereal on days aside from the one particular already chosen and/or when she ate greater than a certain sum was administered. As this patient got older, she found that much concentration and attention was given to which kind of food your woman ate or wouldn’t eat.

As soon as she had been unable or even unwilling to be able to verbalize the woman emotions along with feelings, she considered binge-eating conduct. It grew to become a method to obtain contention involving the patient along with her mothers and fathers. In treatment it had been discovered that will food had been used being a source of having attention, even though negative in nature, via her mothers and fathers. Her parents wouldn’t know she had been abused along with, as a youngster, she had been threatened by the perpetrator when she told anyone about what was taking place. As your woman got old, when your woman and the woman parents wouldn’t agree about something, she considered food being a retaliation next to them.

Even so, as she could discover along with express your hurt along with anger to be able to her mothers and fathers because food products were currently being monitored, she progressively used other way of having the woman needs met. No longer did she must “rebel” or even retaliate with food. As an alternative, she could verbalize your emotions along with feelings, in addition to being she would so, your binge ingesting behaviors subsided. Work was through with the parents to aid them take care of their emotions about the abuse too. They sensed helpless along with expressed inability for not doing something about the abuse. Even so, they wouldn’t know it had been taking position. Now they will communicate their feelings along with opinions openly.

This case study shows the importance of handling the internal issues simultaneously as coaching healthy nutritional philosophies along with practices. If perhaps body photograph and ingesting patterns had been emphasized, the harmful cycle connected with binge ingesting would continue to be perpetuated for years and years without image resolution.