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I Needed Help Thanks to an Aggressive Driver

I ride a bike to most places that I need to go. I needed something economical until I can focus on buying something better later. I have noticed that many motorists are not kind to cyclists. They speed up, slow down and do other things to go out of their way to be threatening. I have dodged many angry motorists and was lucky up until recently. One of them was being aggressive with me, and then lied about what he had done. I had to get a Sacramento auto injury attorney to get some help.

As I mentioned previously, I have dodged many unsafe situations when drivers were aggressive. My city has plenty of bike lanes, and I stay in them whenever possible. I make sure to follow all traffic laws as I should. This means that I obey all street signs, including stop signs. I obey traffic lights. I do not try to rush past motorists and purposely cause an accident for them. I give them a wide berth whenever possible. I am kind and considerate on the road. I just do not understand why there are so many other people on the road, who are in vehicles, do not want to offer the same consideration to people on bikes.

The guy who hit me did so when he was busy being aggressive toward me. He kept getting into the bike lane where I was. He is a young guy, and I could see him laughing every time he saw me hugging the curb because of how far he came over into my lane. Then, he would look in his rear view mirror and watch as he would put on his breaks and make me suddenly slow down. He did it twice, and then swerved and hit me. When a police officer arrived, he told the officer that I was to blame. So, now I have hired a really good attorney to help me take him to court and get the proper payment I really deserve for my medical bills.

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